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Oxford Biblical Studies Online: Side by Side Comparison and Commentary

This is a guide to the Oxford Biblical Studies Online Database

Bible Texts

As one of it's signature features, the Oxford Biblical Studies Online database allows you to view textual passages from a variety of Bibles, as well as compare corresponding text from a different bible side by side, or view the passage with commentary.  Here is how it works:

Step One: Select Bible Text

To begin using this feature, click on the grey Bible Verse Lookup box at the top of the page.  Select a version of the Bible from a drop-down list of options.  Next, select a book of the Bible from another drop-down box.  Finally, input the chapter and verse from that book that you would like to view.  Now click on the Lookup box to execute the search.

Step Two: View and Compare

The verse you selected will now be ready for viewing on the left side of the screen, along with the corresponding commentary from the same text if it is available.  On the top of the right column there are two tabs that you can toggle between:  text and commentary.  Using these tabs you can alternatively view commentary or text from a different bible, and using the pull-down box you can switch between sources.  There is a similar pull-down box on the left column as well.  Either column can be viewed in full screen mode. Using the previous and next arrows in the top left and right corners of the screen, you can go back or forward one chapter in the book you are viewing, or you can change books, chapters, and verses entirely in the top center.

Verse Lookup Box

Side by Side Viewing