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eBooks: Oxford

Introduction to Oxford eBooks

If you are specifically looking for an Oxford Handbook on religion, go to the Oxford Handbooks databases found on the Articles and Databases webpage. You can also search in the library's catalog for "Oxford Handbooks." 

Once you are in the database:

1. Click on the Religion subject towards the top to see all the Oxford Handbooks you have access to.

2. Then select the Books tab from the search results.

3. The list is sorted by title from A to Z. You can narrow the results using the left hand box "Narrow Your Choices."

4. Click on a book title to find out more information and to gain access to the contents.

5. Oxford doesn't allow you to view a whole eBook at once, only individual chapters. To gain PDF access to a chapter, you must first click on the chapter title, then "View PDF."

6. Once the PDF is opened, you are able to print or download that specific chapter.

Multiple Search Options

1. Use the search box at the top or do a Bible Verse Lookup.

2. Advanced Search:

  • Main Search - find articles by searching for keyword(s) and narrowing by author and/or topic.

  • Advanced Bible Search - find bibles and biblical works that match keyword(s), certain sources, content type, and Bibles.

3. Browse - browse a-z or by subject, reference, Bible texts, images and maps.

4. Bible Texts - includes a list of Bibles, other source texts, and study aids created specifically for use in conjunction with Bible texts.

  • Use the left hand side to view specific chapters or sections.


  • You can print text (includes a citation), email, or cite documents.
  • You can view biblical texts in three different ways:
    • Full Screen Mode - view each chapter or jump to any location in the Bible.
    • Side-by-side view with commentary - read a passage of the Bible alongside scholarly analysis of the text.
    • Side-by-side view of two Biblical texts - compare and contrast two translations of the Bible, line by line.


More help and information can be found on the User Guide.

1. To view the list of available full-text eBooks, check the Unlocked box and click Submit

2. Click on the book title to view more details and access content

3. To view content, click on the chapter title from the Contents section

4. This will bring up the HTML view. To view the PDF, click on the "View PDF" button

5. Once the PDF is opened, you are able to print or download that specific chapter.

Oxford Handbooks

Oxford Biblical Studies Online

Oxford Scholarship Online - Religion

Other Useful Information

  • Unlimited user access
  • Users have the ability to print and download/save book chapters without worrying about a page limit