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World Religions: Islam

This guide contains several resources that will aid in researching five of the world's major religions.

Page Contents

Use the links below to navigate to the information on this page:

Books at PTS

The books listed here are available in the Barbour Library print collection. Click on the title link if you would like to see more information in the library catalog, and click on the image to see the book on Amazon.

Find Internet Resources

The images you see below are pins (website links) from the World Religions: Islam board on the Barbour Library Pinterest page. Click on any of the images below to see the item in Pinterest. It will be the first item you see located in the upper left corner, and it will be surrounded with other pins from other Pinterest boards that are related. To view the linked website, click on the image, and then click on 'Visit.' You must have a Pinterest account to click on the pins - sign up for free here.

Where Do I Start?

Reference resources can be very helpful when you are starting to research a particular topic. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, and several other types of resources can give you a broad overview of the topic (including major issues, people, movements, etc.), and can often provide useful bibliographies to help you find more focused resources. You will see some reference items below to get you started. Click on the title link to see the library catalog display, and click on the image to see the item in Amazon.

Find Books

Barbour Library has a great print collection to meet your research needs (ebooks will be coming soon!). The information in this box should help you find resources on Islam. Go to the library website to find online subject guides, information on library privileges, and contact information for library staff.

Barbour Library Catalog

To find library resources, you will use the library catalog. Click on the image below to start searching.

Searches to Get You Started

Having a hard time using the library catalog? Try the links below! These will take you into the library catalog to a list of subject links (click on one to get resources), or even directly to a list of resources.

TIP: If any of the subject links below provide relevant resources, jot down the subject and try using it in one of the journal article databases.

Find Journal Articles

Barbour Library provides a variety of online databases that mainly provide access to journal articles. The ATLA Religion Database with ATLAS is the premier journal article database for religious and theological topics, but the search you see below can also be tried in most of the other databases. Click here to use the ATLA Religion Database with ATLAS (click on the EBSCOhost Web link).


  • Try using the subjects you see in the 'Searches to Get You Started' section in the 'Find Books' box above - be sure to select 'SU Subjects' from the drop-down menu to the right.
  • If you don't get many results from the 'SU Subject' search, try the same term with 'Select a Field (optional)' - this will do a more general, keyword search.
  • To find academic journal articles, be sure to put a check mark in the 'Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals' box in the 'Limit to' section to the left of your results list.