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BI210 English Bible Exegesis I, Old Testament: Old Testament Commentaries

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Where Are Commentaries?

Commentaries can be found in both the reference collection and the stacks - some commentary titles can even be found in both sections. You can find commentaries in the following call number sections:

BS 490 - BS 511
(Old & New Testament Sets)

NOTE: One exception to this is the Anchor Bible Commentary set - this is located in the BS192.2 section that includes Bibles since it contains an original translation of the biblical text.

BS 1150.2 - BS 1151.3
(Old Testament Sets)

BS 1221 - BS 1615.53
(Pentateuch & Individual Old Testament Books)

BS 2333.2 - BS 2341.3
(New Testament Sets)

BS 2574 - BS 2826
(Individual New Testament Books)

Theological/Application Commentary Sets

What Are Commentaries?

Bible commentaries go through a particular book of the Bible in order by verse, and the author "comments" on the verses. Commentaries provide some sort of analysis of the Biblical text. Some are more detailed and academic than others, and others might choose to focus more on theology and/or application. Below, you'll see an excerpt from the Word Biblical Commentary (one of the more analytical commentaries) on Genesis 2:14.

Analytical/Academic Commentary Sets

Commentaries From Particular Perspectives

You will find several commentaries below that come from particular perspectives (feminist, African-American, etc). These are all one-volume commentaries.

Find Commentaries

You can always find all the commentaries for a particular book of the Bible by doing a Subject search in the library catalog using the following format for search terms: bible [book of Bible] commentaries. Here are some search links to get you started:

To find online commentaries, follow these directions:

  • Go to the advanced search of the library catalog.
  • In the top search box, type the following words: bible [book of the Bible] commentaries. So, you might type in "bible genesis commentaries."
  • Select EBOOKS from the Material Type drop-down menu.
  • Click Submit.