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CS470 Capitalism and Christian Witness: Common Theological Subject Headings

Common Theological Library of Congress Subject Headings



 Bible Atlas -

 Bible Geography Maps


 Bible -- Geography -- Maps.

 Bible Concordances English

 Bible -- Concordances, English.

 Bible Dictionaries

 Bible -- Dictionaries. 

 Bible Encyclopedias

 Bible -- Encyclopedias.

 Bible History

 Bible -- History.

 Bible Introductions

 Bible -- Introductions.

 Bible Hermeneutics

 Bible -- Hermeneutics

 Bible Criticism interpretation etc.

 Bible -- Criticism, interpretation, etc.

 Bible Commentaries

 Bible -- Commentaries.

 Old Testament Subjects:


 Bible Old Testament Dictionaries

 Bible. Old Testament -- Dictionaries.

 Bible Old Testament Introductions

 Bible. Old Testament -- Introductions.

 Bible Old Testament Hermeneutics

 Bible. Old Testament -- Hermeneutics.

 Bible Old Testament Criticism interpretation etc.

 Bible. Old Testament -- Criticism, interpretation, etc.

 Bible Old Testament Commentaries*

 Bible. Old Testament -- Commentaries.

 New Testament Subjects:


 Bible New Testament Dictionaries

 Bible. New Testament -- Dictionaries.

 Bible New Testament Introductions

 Bible. New Testament -- Introductions.

 Bible New Testament Hermeneutics

 Bible. New Testament -- Hermeneutics.

 Bible New Testament Criticism, interpretation, etc

 Bible. New Testament -- Criticism, interpretation, etc.

 Bible New Testament Commentaries

 Bible. New Testament -- Commentaries.

 Individual Books of the Bible: OT

 Bible [Name of Book] (i.e. Genesis)


 Bible Genesis Criticism, interpretation, etc.

 Bible. Genesis-- Criticism, interpretation, etc.

 Bible Genesis Commentaries

 Bible. Genesis -- Commentaries.

 Individual Books of the Bible: NT

 Bible [Name of Book] (i.e. Luke)


 Bible Luke Criticism, interpretation, etc.

 Bible. Luke-- Criticism, interpretation, etc.

 Bible Luke Commentaries

 Bible. Luke -- Commentaries.



 Christian literature, Early

 Christian literature, Early.

 Church history Primitive and early church, ca. 30-600

 Church history -- Primitive and early church, ca. 30-600

 United States Church History

 United States -- Church History

 Fathers of the church

 Fathers of the church.



 Theology, Doctrinal

 Theology, Doctrinal.

 Theology Dictionaries

 Theology -- Dictionaries.

 Theology Doctrinal History

 Theology, Doctrinal -- History.



 Bible Theology

 Bible Theology.





 Holy Spirit

 Holy Spirit.

 Jesus Christ Person and offices

 (aka Christology)


 Jesus Christ -- Person and offices.

 Revelation  Revelation.

 Salvation Christianity

 (aka Soteriology)


 Salvation -- Christianity.



 Theological anthropology

 Theological anthropology.



 Theology, Practical

 (aka Sacramental Theology)


 Theology, Practical.





 Church management

 Church management.

 Church work with youth

 (aka Youth Ministry)


 Church work with youth.



 Lord’s Supper

 Lord’s Supper.



 Pastoral counseling

 Pastoral counseling.

 Pastoral theology

 Pastoral theology.

 Preaching (aka Homiletics)






 Religion & Denominations


 Religion Philosophy

 Religion – Philosophy.









 Christian sects

 Christian sects.

 [Individual Denominations.] – i.e. Lutheran Church.



 Lutheran Church

 Lutheran Church.