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Religious and Theological Abstracts: Finding Articles

A guide to the Religious and Theological Abstracts database

Finding Articles

Religious and Theological Abstracts is an abstracts-only database, so searches will only retrieve abstracts and not full-text articles.  However, it is easy to find the text of these articles using other resources.  Here's how:


Reviewing Your Results

The results of your search are displayed as shown in the box to the right.  The author, title, and journal citations for each result are listed, and above the list is a search box that gives you the option of searching within these results or starting an entirely new search.  Clicking on an article title will bring up an abstract of the article.  The tag boxes on the left side of the results column can be clicked to select articles, which can then be removed or viewed together in a list.  This handy list includes the abstracts, and it can be saved, printed, or emailed.  

Using the Full Text Finder to Retrieve Articles

If we wanted to track down the Jens Koehrsen article from the above example, found in the journal Sociology of Religion, we could do so very easily by utilizing the Full Text Finder.  This highly useful tool can be found on the Barbour Library Website, under the heading Find Journal Titles in the Research Tab.  After typing the name of the journal, Sociology of Religion, into the search box, we get the result displayed to the right.  Listed below the title of the journal are Barbour Library's various holdings of this journal, in both print and electronic format.  The convenient search box makes it easy to search within the journal for the specific article we are looking for, or we can click on the link to a listed resource.  This process can easily be repeated to find other articles, and if you would like to learn more about the Full Text Finder, check out Carrie's excellent Finding Journals guide below:

Search Results

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