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Atlas for Alum: Assessing Full-Text Availability

Access Options in Databases

Full Text Online Items

Items in the databases that are available in full text can generally be downloaded as PDFs, and can be read online in their entirety. The availability of full text is indicated in the result list by the PDF Full Text icon circled below.

If you are doing searching off campus or at hours the library is not open, you may only want to see Full Text Available items in your searching. You can use the limiter on the left side of the Result List to see only those digitally available items.








Print Journals

Articles indexed in the databases include journals that we have only in print, or older volumes of journals that have not yet been digitized. If an item in the result list says PTS owns this title it is only available in print in the library.  Print journals can be found in the Periodicals room on the main floor, and are shelved in alphabetical order  by journal title.

Titles Not Owned by PTS

You may find relevant materials indexed in the databases that we don't own or subscribe to at PTS. Those items can be identified by a result record that states Notes: ILL for items not held by PTS and has not other access options like the item pictured below. If you are interested in such an item, it can be obtained through Interlibrary Loan. See 'What if You Can't Access an Article You Need?' below for further information. 





*A note on books: The index portion of the Atlas for Alum database indexes entire theological books as well as individual chapters from theological books. This aspect of the database is not linked with the book records of the Barbour Library. This means that at times you may find materials that indicate PTS does not own a title when the book is in fact available in the library. An example of such a record is shown below.

The publication information can be an indicator that you are looking at a book or chapter rather than a journal. If volume or issue information isn't included but there is a city of publication listed, it is likely a book. The only way to know if that book is in the Barbour Library collection is to search the title in the online card catalog. The library does in fact own Considering the Great Commission: Evangelism and Mission in the Wesleyan Spirit.

What if You Can't Access an Article You Need?

Databases sometimes function as indexes, which means they may contain an abstract or citation to a relevant item, but not the item itself. If none of the access options listed above are available, the Barbour Library may not have print or digital access to the material. But never fear! Needed items can almost always be obtained through Interlibrary Loan (ILL). To request an item through ILL, you may either: