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PTS Archives: Institutional Records


The Archives maintains institutional records for the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. These records includes faculty minutes, board minutes, faculty committees, student groups, president’s records, records of various offices on campus, etc. that document the history of the Seminary. Some restrictions apply to researchers looking to access records creatd in the last 30 years.
To access these records, please contact the library.

For institutional records from antecedent seminaries such as Western, Pitt-Xenia, etc, please see the Calvin Catalog (Ex. Keyword search "Western Theological Seminary minutes):

Institutional Record Groups

Institutional Records include 17 record groups in the classification system for the different types of materials accessioned into the Archives. The groups are as follows:

  • VI P71 RG 1. Documents
  • VI P71 RG 2. Board of Directors (Trustees 1959-1963)
  • VI P71 RG 3. Presidents
  • VI P71 RG 4. Faculty
  • VI P71 RG 5. Academic Affairs
  • VI P71 RG 6. Communications and Development
  • VI P71 RG 7. Business and Financial Affairs
  • VI P71 RG 8. Educational and Student Services
  • VI P71 RG 9. Students
  • VI P71 RG 10. Campus Events
  • VI P71 RG 11. Visitors to the Campus
  • VI P71 RG 12. Pittsburgh Community
  • VI P71 RG 13. The Larger Community
  • VI P71 RG 14. Campus Automation
  • VI P71 RG 15. Ephemera
  • VI P71 RG 16. Staff
  • VI P71 RG 17. Special Programs

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Alyson Pope
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This guide was authored by archivist Elizabeth Scott. It is currently maintained by Alyson Pope.