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New York Times and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Registration: Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Set up access to the daily New York Times and Post-Gazette online

Digital Access Instructions for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff are able to create an account for access to an unrestricted number of articles to each month's Post-Gazette. 

Need help?  Ask a Librarian!

You will need an account number and street number to register. Please contact Carrie Carter, for this information. You will then answer some basic information and click ACTIVATE. Click on the Post Gazette logo to begin browsing the site.

Remember to click “ACTIVATE” on the Thank-you screen after you register! Activating is the step which sets your account for unlimited article retrieval.

Access to the Post-Gazette Archives is not included in the subscription. Please contact library staff if you need copies of archived articles.

Today's Post-Gazette in Print

A print copy of today's Post-Gazette is available in the comfortable seating area to the left of the new book display. Two to three months of print editions are stored next to the current periodical display before they are moved to the lower level, where up to three additional months of print editions may be found.

Digital Access Instructions for Students

Students are able to login with a username and password for access to an unrestricted number of articles each month.  Contact Carrie Carter ( for the username and password.  You will then need to complete a short registration to activate your account.



Today's Post-Gazette Online