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JSTOR: Searching JSTOR

An instructional guide for the JSTOR database

Search Basics

To begin your search in JSTOR, simply enter keywords into the JSTOR search box:

JSTOR will display a list of results from your search:

In your search results you will see a list of articles and other sources that include your keywords.  Each entry has a full citation of the source, as well as samples of the text in which your keywords appear (highlighted in yellow).  If full text is available, the source can be downloaded in PDF format, or the citation can be exported to a works cited program, such as Refworks.  The add to my lists option will allow you to create a list of sources (you must first register with JSTOR to use this function).

You may wish to refine your search results, and you can use the options on the bars below the search box to do so.  In the screenshot above, the sort by box is pulled out, and you can see that search results can be sorted by date of publication as well as relevance.  The content type box enables a switch from all types of content to a specific type:  journals, books, or pamphlets.  The access options box automatically defaults to the 'read and download' setting, which means the JSTOR will only display full text articles in its search results.  However, this can be changed to all content or other settings.