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JSTOR: Advanced Search

An instructional guide for the JSTOR database

Advanced Searches

To begin your JSTOR search with more defined search parameters, use an advanced search:

The JSTOR advanced search includes some of the same limiters that are present in the basic keyword search.  Item type and access type are here is well, so you can begin your advanced search with those limiters in place.  Additionally, your search can be limited to a specific date range, a language, or a publication.  The key feature of the advanced search is the ability to specify the field in which your search takes place.  The search box defaults to full text, which looks for your search terms in the entire text of the articles.  This setting can be changed so that JSTOR will look for search terms exclusively in the author, title, abstract, or caption fields.  Finally, the advanced search also includes a journal filter, which allows you to narrow your search to journals that cover a particular subject area (like religion).