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eBooks: ProQuest Ebook Central

Introduction to ProQuest Ebook Central

ProQuest Ebook Central contains eBooks selected and purchased by Barbour Library. New titles are added throughout the year and this is a growing collection. All titles can also be found in the library's online catalog.

General SearchUse the search box at the top to enter in keyword(s), titles, authors, or ISBNs.

Advanced Search - Click the "Advanced Search" link below the search box. This also allows you to check the box for "Owned and subscribed to by my library" and do an empty search to bring up a list of all eBooks available. 

Featured Titles - A carousel view of eBook titles. Click a book image to be taken to the detailed page.

Accessing a ProQuest Ebook Central Title

Once you have found an eBook you are interested in, click the title to bring up the detail page. 

Basic information:

  • Availability - The "Your institution..." statement below the Availability section indicates how many copies Barbour Library owns. Copies will vary from 1-3 or unlimited. 
  • Book Details - Along the right hand side, information about the book is shown, including title, author(s), publisher, publication date, ISBNs, subjects, etc. 
  • Description - This section gives a brief overview of what the book is about. 

Reading, Downloading, and Printing 

Whole eBooks cannot be downloaded or printed, only read online, but chapters can be downloaded and pages can be printed. Each eBook has its own allocation for how many pages can be printed or downloaded (within 24 hours). This can be seen under the "Availability" section of the details page (highlighted in yellow below). 

  • Reading
    • Click the Read Online button under the title or Read Online link under "Availability" to view the whole eBook
    • Under the "Table of Contents" section, click on a title chapter or the Read Online icon
    • All the ways to read the whole book or chapter can be seen in the image below with red arrows. 
  • Downloading and Printing
    • To download a PDF of a chapter, click the Download PDF icon next to the title in the "Table of Contents".
      • Please note that clicking the Download PDF Chapter link under the "Availability" section just takes you to the "Table of Contents" section.
    • If you are viewing the whole book or a chapter, use the buttons on the top menu to download the chapter to a PDF or print to PDF.
    • All the ways to download or print a chapter can be seen in the image below in red circles. 

***Please note that in order to download chapters or print pages of an eBook, you are required to sign-up/log into your own Ebook Central account.

To create a free account, follow the instructions when prompted and use your PTS email. Afterwards you'll just need to sign into your free account when you want to download or print chapters from a ProQuest eBook in the future. 

ProQuest Ebook Central

Additional Information

Downloading/Printing - Due to copyright and DRM, to download or print eBook chapters you will need to create an account in ProQuest Ebook Central using your PTS email. 


Remember that some eBooks only allow 1-3 people to view a title at the same time. Be courteous and close out of an eBook when you are done viewing. You can save, email, or print up to a certain number of pages.