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eBooks: JSTOR

Introduction to eBooks on JSTOR

To search for eBooks in JSTOR, you have two options. The first option is to narrow your results after your search and the other is conducting an advanced search. Both options will be shown below.

Option 1 - Narrow Results

1. Enter in your search term(s) and click the magnifying glass icon.

2. On the search results page, you can narrow the results down by content type. In this case, click the box next to Book Chapters.

3. Click "Download PDF" to view the text. 

Option 2 - Advanced Search

1. Click on the Advanced Search link under the search box.

2. Enter in your search term(s).

3. Before clicking search, narrow the results by Item Type. Click the box next to Books.

4. Then hit the Search button.

5. Click "Download PDF" to view the text. 


Other Useful Information

  • Unlimited user access
  • DRM-free
  • Users have the ability to print and download/save book chapters without worrying about a page limit