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Introduction to Other eBooks

With both ATLA Historical Monographs Series, searching is similar to the EBSCO eBooks and other EBSCO databases.

1. Enter in your search term(s) in the boxes provided. Then click Search.

2. Click on View Full Text to see the eBook contents. Unlike other eBooks, the pages are pictures, not text.

3. To get to other sections, you can either page through using the side arrows, use the Table of Contents on the left hand side of the screen, or use the Document Map. The Document Map is an icon with multiple boxes located on bottom left of the image.

4. There are multiple options on the right hand toolbar that you might find useful.

There are similar features and technical information as the EBSCO eBook collection available.

There are 3 digital library collections through Alexander Street Press: Karl Barth, Classical Protestant Texts, and the Catholic Reformation. They are similar in search techniques so you can use the following instructions below to gain access to content. 

1. Once you select a collection, you will find the menu along the left hand side of the browser. You can view a list of all authors, works, topics, genres, and order/affiliation or you can conduct a search by authors or works. 

2. When viewing by:

  • Authors - click the Documents link to see a list of all documents available by that author. Then click on the document title that you'd like to view. 
  • Works - click the View Text link which will take you to the table of contents for that specific work. There is also the option to view images and bibliographical details.
  • Topics - click on View Results to be brought to a list of sections about that topic. Click on the section title to be taken to the text.
  • Genre - click on the number under the Works column to be taken to a list of works.
  • Religious Traditions - click on the number either under the Authors or Works columns. 

3. You can also conduct a search by:

  • Authors - enter in the author's name (ex. Calvin, Jean). There are options to search within a specific topic or biblical citation.
  • Works - enter in keyword(s) into the search box. Click on "show search options" which will allow you to limit your search by author, title, genre, language, etc.

Option 1 - Select Title

1. Click a title from the list presented on the main page.

2. A list of works will be available on the left hand side of the browser. Click the volume you want, then volume again, and keep clicking until you find the section you are looking for.

Option 2 - Search

1. Click Search from the top menu bar. 

2. This will bring you to a search screen where you can: enter in keyword(s), search in specific titles, search in specific subjects, limit by author, and much more. 

3. On the results page, you can click on Volume which will bring you to the whole section OR you can click on the word and it will take you to that specific section where the word was found.

There is also an option to browse by Subject.

1. Scroll down and click on the title you want to view. All the volumes for the series are listed by volume number. 

2. This will bring you to the details page of the book selected. To view the full text, click PDF.


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