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John Cleghorn is pastor of Caldwell Presbyterian Church in the Elizabeth neighborhood of Charlotte, N.C. John has served Caldwell since 2008. Caldwell is a diverse, progressive, missional congregation that has enjoyed a strong resurgence in recent years. Cleghorn is a 2017 graduate of the Doctor of Ministry degree program at Pittsburgh Seminary.


Resurrecting Church (Fortress Press, 2021) interweaves three strands. First, it is the remarkable turnaround story of Caldwell Presbyterian Church, which was on the edge of extinction when author John Cleghorn filled the role of pastor. Second, Cleghorn tells the story of his own growth and liberation from the myopia of privilege. Cleghorn traded his position as senior vice president of the nation's largest bank for ministry and the dusty and dated church office at Caldwell Presbyterian. The third strand includes the stories of several diverse congregations researched by the author. These congregations are examples of faith communities that have taken risks, deepening empathy and seeking justice. Through these stories, the book updates the "same old" conversation about church vitality in timely and surprising ways.

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Twibell, Simone. 2022. “Multicultural Realities: A Call to Diversify the ‘Unity’ of the Church.” Evangelical Missions Quarterly 58 (1): 16–18. 

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