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BookTALK: PTS Faculty Series

This guide contains resources that complement the Faculty Series sponsored by the Center for Writing and Learning Support and Barbour Library.

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Dr. Roger Owens

The Rev. Dr. L. Roger Owens is Professor of Christian Spirituality and Ministry. He received his Ph.D. in theology from Duke University where he was awarded a Lilly Fellowship for the Formation of a Learned Clergy. Before that he completed his M.Div. at Duke Divinity School. Everyday Contemplative: The Way of Prayerful Living book coverAs an undergraduate he studied philosophy and Bible/religion at Anderson University in Indiana. Owens is an ordained elder in the North Carolina Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church. In North Carolina he served both urban and rural churches for eight years as co-pastor with his wife, the Rev. Ginger Thomas, before coming to Pittsburgh Seminary in 2013.

The author of several books, Owens recently published Everyday Contemplative: The Way of Prayerful Living (Upper Room Books, 2022). Read an excerpt from the book here.





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Eastman, Dick. The Hour that Changes the World: A Practical Plan for Personal Prayer. Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2002.

Owens, L. Roger. Everyday Contemplative: The Way of Prayerful Living. Nashville: Upper Room Books, 2022. 

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